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Rock Salt Patel & Sons®


RockSalt (P&S) Specialises in Providing You With The Best Quality Himalayan Salt From the Mines in Pakistan

RockSalt (P&S) is a brand of Himalayan salt. We bring you the best quality Himalayan salt from the mines in Pakistan, which is known for its natural beauty and purity. Our salt lamps are made with Himalayan rock salt from the mines. They are great for your health and environment, and they look beautiful on your table.


Providing excellence and quality in our products and services guaranteed to meet the needs of our clientele to their satisfaction


In P&S We seek to be a trusted company to adhere the international vision move with the times and adjust to any customer’s demand or requirement in terms of premium, authentic, and innovative products


We certify to provide the best quality of services and products in our operations to fulfill the needs of our customers while maintaining a great work

Rock Salt P&S

About Us

Patel & sons is a very well-experienced company, of Himalayan salt established in 1995 and involved in the trade & export of Pakistan. Himalayan mountains are a very important part of Pakistan because of their rich minerals and rock salt ranges in the area, Himalayan rock salt is the best salt of the earth that is containing 80 plus minerals and highest purity, our aim is to add value in Pakistani products and deliver to our esteemed customers worldwide.


Years of experience


Pure Salt

Who We Are

The Patel & Sons Salt Co. is a family-run business that has been in the salt industry since 1995. The company is still run by the founding family and their descendants, who focus on quality, functionality, design and customer satisfaction.

Today, the company is under the supervision of Muhammad Danish Patel (Co-Chair Person) of (P&S) following in the footsteps of his father Muhammad Ismail Patel (Chair Person) of (P&S). And like his great grandfather and founder of (P&S), Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan Patel before him, Mr. Danish Patel also brings with him over three decades of experience in the industry.

(P&S) has numerous quality, functionality, characteristics and dimensions in their work order. A few of them are listed below:

Modern manufacturing and processing unit
Strict balance quality control process
Customer demand & satisfaction focus
Competent and highly skilled staff with almost 3 decades of experience
Luxury quality products at reasonable & competitive prices

Rock Salt Patel & Sons Have Multiple Certifications in the Salt Industry