ROCK SALT PATEL & SONS (Manufacturers & Exporter)

RockSalt(P&S) brings this natural treasure from the mines to your table. Himalayan salt is different than regular table salt.  The pink color comes from the rich iron content.  This salt is, in fact, quite rich in minerals, containing all 84 essential trace elements required by your body. Pink salt can assist in many bodily functions, such as reducing muscle cramps, promoting blood sugar health and promoting healthy pH in your cells.

Many experts recommend pink salt as one of the healthiest salts you can consume. Its popularity has made it more affordable than other more exotic salts on the market.

Its crystal shows its purity and verifies it as an international brand.  It is very important for a buyer to have the right knowledge about Himalayan salt when it comes to buying salt lamps and other Himalayan salt products. Our sales team educates all customers about the quality of Himalayan salt which helps them to order efficiently. We facilitate our customers for any sort of customization from products to its packaging.

We present a luxurious variety of the highest quality Himalayan Lamps and edible salt. Some of the famous categories of Himalayan products are as following:

  • Natural Lamps
  • Crafted Lamps
  • USB Lamps
  • Fine & Coarse
  • Animal Licking
  • Iron Basket Lamps
  • Tequila Shots Glasses
  • Candles
  • Iron Basket with Chunks
  • Night Light Lamps
  • Massage Products
  • Lamp Accessories
  • Salt Bowls
  • Tiles

and many more are waiting for you and to make your environment healthier, safe and breathable.

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Manufacturing of Salt Lamps In ROCK SALT P&S

ROCKSALT(P&S) is a Pakistan Himalayan Salt Company®.  Founded in 1995, we supply premium-grade specialty salts to salt enthusiasts around the world.  From culinary, gourmet salts to therapeutic salts for the bath, salt lamps, and luxury crafted lamps for our discerning customers who demand the best quality available on the market today.


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