One of the most famous names is born. Since 1995, our salt has been made with the exclusive traditional artisan methods from the suburb (corner) town of Karachi. It is unchanging yet ever-changing constant yet continuously challenging. The saline (salt) always remains the same.  RockSalt(P&S) brings this natural treasure from the mines to your table.  Himalayan salt a healthy alternative salt for edible sea salt. The health benefits are many.  Its crystals show its purity and prove it as an international brand.  It is very important for a buyer to have the right knowledge about Himalayan salt when it comes to buying salt lamps and other Himalayan salt products.  Our sales team educates all customers about the quality of Himalayan salt which help them to order efficiently.  We facilitate our customers with any sort of customization from products to its packaging.


Over the course of almost 3 decades, Patel&Sons(P&S) has been hand harvesting and crafting the naturally formed Pyramid crystals that have become the Patel&Sons Signature.


These days, it’s rare to find a family grown business that is still family run, but that’s how it is. Today, the company is under the supervision of Muhammad Danish Patel (Co-Chair Person) of (P&S) following in the footsteps of his father Muhammad Ismail Patel (Chair Person) of (P&S) and great grandfather and also founder of (P&S) Late Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan Patel.


(P&S) has numerous quality, functionality, characteristics and dimensions in their work order.  A few of them are listed below:


  • Modern manufacturing and processing unit
  • Strict balance quality control process
  • Customer demand & satisfaction focus
  • Competent and highly skilled staff with almost 3 decades of experience
  • Luxury quality products at reasonable & competitive prices
  • Unique expertise in an exclusive manual system to finalize the product

You could conclude that our salt is really made by natural process with just a few helping hands.  (P&S) salt is made like no other.   There is an art in temperature and timing, a slow warmth uncovering the secrets, with skilled hands poised over every batch. Traditional method and time honored techniques passed down through the centuries are just a few of the reasons why (Patel&Sons) is so unique.


We provide samples all around the world.


Best Price for Himalayan products with amazing quality.


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